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ESU IPSC Turkey Past Participants

2011 Participants

Dear members and friends of ESU Turkey,

We had a great day on March 10th at the grand finals of ESU Turkey 2011 International Public Speaking Competition, I wish you were all there...

More than 250 students from 14 schools took part in this year's ESU Turkey IPSC... Almost 200 students attended our workshops back in January. And today 13 schools represented by 23 excellent speakers...

Under the leadership of Feza Hanim and Cey Hanim, and thanks to the detailed hard work of Nilufer Hanim, Hisar School hosted an excellent organization with more than 100 students attending the event as audience...

It was a great day as another milestone for the establishment of the public speaking culture in our schools...

We should especially thank to Barbara Ferguson, Annette Fisher, Hakan San, Sema Ozkaya, Tim Bright, Darren Rowbotham, Piril Kadibesegil, Pelin Kadilar, Asli Altinisik, Merve Demirkan, Marjinal Porter Novelli and HSBC Global Trust for their very kind support...

And here are the results:

List of the participating schools:
Hisar School, Robert College, ?zmir I??kkent, ?stek Okullar?, TEVITOL, Koç Okullar?, Darü??afaka Lisesi, FVM Özel I??k Lisesi, FMV Ozel Ayazaga Isik Lisesi, ?zmir Çakabey Lisesi, Kabata? Erkek Lisesi, Üsküdar American Academy, Aç? Okullar?

Six Finalists:
  • Mehmet Yildiz / TEVITOL
  • Seçil Bilgic / Kabata? Erkek Lisesi
  • Ayd?n Çelebi / Aç? Okullar?
  • Tara Avunduk / Koç Okullar?
  • Yasemin Akcaguner / Üsküdar Amerikan Lisesi
  • Kaan Ülgen / Robert College

And the winners:
  • Winner: Yasemin Akcaguner (Uskudar American Academy)
  • Runner-up: Ayd?n Çelebi (Aci Okullari)

We wish the best of luck to Yasemin and Aydin at the international grand finals in London during the last week of May... They will be competing with the selected two representatives from about 45 countries out of a total of around 40.000 participants joining the competitions at various level globally...

With my best regards,

Chairman, ESU Turkey

2010 Participants
Ms. Asl? Alt?n???k (Üsküdar American Academy)
Mr. Kerem Urman (Hisar School)

... (Çakabey Lisesi - ?zmir)
... (Çakabey Lisesi - ?zmir)
... (Üskudar American Academy)
... (Hisar School)

2010 School conveyors:
Ms. Eleanor Cey Alpauti (Hisar School)
Mr. Paul Morgon (Hisar School)
Ms. Kadriye Kubilayhan (Çakabey Lisesi - ?zmir)
Mr. Whitman Shepard (Üsküdar American Academy)
Ms. Peggy Elliott (Üsküdar American Academy)

2009 Participants
Mr. Troy Edige (Hisar School)

2009 Shool conveyors:
Ms. Eleanor Cey Alpauti (Hisar School)
Mr. Paul Morgan (Hisar School)
Mr. F?rat Asyal? (Hisar School)