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Discover Your Voice Seminars...

ESU Turkey accommodates from time to time ESU public speaking and debating squads. Discover Your Voice seminars are the main program offered to schools and participants of IPSC.

Discover Your Voice is the ESU's schools debate training programme. The programme has been running since 2004 and since then ESU has worked with over 10,000 young people.

No previous experience is needed, so whether your students are complete beginners or interested in developing their skills for a competition we can provide a teaching package that will work for you. The aim of all our sessions is that everyone stands up and speaks, either in a debate at the end of a full day or in some of the mini debates and exercises. We have a tried and tested approach which combines games and exercises to make the day fun while teaching a range of skills including:

  • Clarity of expression
  • Critical thinking
  • Listening and response
  • Handling your nerves
Teaching is delivered by ESU staff and our trained university mentors. To get the most out of the sessions we provide one mentor per 24 students to ensure that everyone will have the chance to actively participate in the day. We are also able to work with small groups.

Public Speaking is either an individual activity with each students working on an independent presentation or a team of three students taking on the roles of Chairperson, Speaker and Questioner. The team format is used in the ESU Schools Public Speaking Competition and the individual format is applicable to this and any other public speaking activities. The training is inclusive, fun and helps to underpin all other speaking activities.

Full-day: 400 +vat
Half-day: 300 +vat
Additional mentors (for groups of more than 24 students): 100 per mentor