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HSBC Global Education Trust
The HSBC Global Education Trustees are delighted to fund the English-Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition in 2011. This year, the Trust is supporting the final in London and also the earlier rounds in many of the participating countries.

In a changing world, the Trust aims to promote cultural awareness, tolerance and education.
Education equips people with the skills and knowledge to achieve their full potential. It also fosters international understanding, allowing individuals, businesses and nations to develop long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

HSBC Global Education Trust says:

“The promotion of language is central to our aims. Language opens doors, removes barriers and helps people to understand attitudes and behaviour. There are currently 450 million native speakers of English, but perhaps as many as 1 billion learning it as a second language. With its long history and expertise, the ESU is in a unique position to introduce the English language to new speakers around the world. The International Public Speaking Competition is an exciting event that enables talented young people to meet, demonstrate their command of English and learn more about other cultures.”