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Student Reflections On Workshops Attended

The workshop was one of the most interesting workshops that I've ever attended. It gave everybody the chance to learn new techniques and be aware of the ones that we've already been using. Also, the way they do debate is really enjoyable and interesting and it is a great activity which will easily be used in our lessons as well. One to one coaching which was only given to the students who would compete at the National Finals of IPSC was another privilege. It was really informative and motivating for me. I'm sure this professional help will really be useful for the upcoming Public Speaking Competition :)

Mümtaz Hac?pa?ao?lu, FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi

At the workshop we had the greatest experience of public speaking. The speakers gave us a lot of tips about talking in front of public and preparing a speech and of course they answered our biggest question: “How should I deliver a speech?”: It was a very helpful and entertaining day and the only thing that we were sorry for was the limited time because there was a lot to learn from those amazing presenters. Moreover we had the opportunity to meet students of our age who were also interested in public speaking. As for the one-to-one training, I must say that mine began with anxiety and ended with great sorrow because the training only lasted 20 minutes. I was trying to get all the information that I possibly could while racing against time and when I found out that the time was over, I realized that I still had tons of questions to ask. However, I could deliver my speech and got feed back and the most important of all, I could get constructive criticism. Thank you so much for everything and hope to see everyone again at the competition on March 10th!

Seçil Bilgic, Kabata? Erkek Lisesi

I liked, the workshop very much. It gave everybody the opportunity to stand on a stage and present a speech in front of people. It was challenging may be frightening for some of us at first but in the end I truly enjoyed it! Especially, the games that we played during the workshop were great! We talked about debating and public speaking styles and techniques which will help us to improve ourselves. Although I am not very confident in speaking in front of a crowd, I pretended that I was and did what Mr Watson had recommended. While doing that I realized that during a debate or a speech the topic is never as important as how you present it and how much you convince your audience. The most important point that I learnt after all this is that everyone can actually be a perfect public speaker. Speaking a perfectly accurate language is not really important if you know how to speak in public. All you need to do is being self-confident and enthusiastic about topics. I am glad I had a chance to meet with those successful public speakers and listen to their advice. To be honest, I am still not confident about speaking in public, but with the advice and techniques that I have heard about, and some practice, I believe will achieve this soon.

Elif Özge, FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi

I'm really glad that I had chance to take part in something which didn't sound so amazing at first but at the end appeared to be so glamorous . First of all , now I know how to talk in front of people, how to move hands around and how to use my voice effectively . I've also learned how to prepare for a speech, how to structure it with an "Introduction" , a "Body" and a "Conclusion". I think that it would be nice if we could see some examples during these workshops, maybe some speeches from the speakers. Especially, I really wanted to hear a speech from Mr. McKee but perhaps I'll be able to hear it next time. :)

Secil Kapanoglu, Kabata? Erkek Lisesi

It was a good chance for me to attend the public speaking workshop. They shared their experiences with us and it helped me to gain confidence .In addition to this, we played many games to practice speaking and debating skills and we did a lot of speaking. While I was talking in front of the people, I was first nervous…Than I got really confident and excited about that. It was a life changing moment for me. Now, I have more confidence and I don’t mind what other people think of me when I speak in front of people. I will always remember their tips and suggestions and it will make me a better public speaker.

Hande Göncer, FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi

The workshop was so much fun with 3 coaches and lots of competitors and observers from different schools. I received basic information about "public speaking". Working in groups of people who I wasn’t acquainted with gave me the chance to know my rivals. Also it was the best part when I took to the stage and talked about my best historical period in a limited time. I am looking forward to joining another workshop again.??I found "one to one training" very helpful. Of course I had already known what the public speech competition is about .Nevertheless, in one-to-one training the purpose was details and particular points which were extremely important for my speech. For instance; I asked my coach about the jury because I wanted to know in what way I can impress them. Furthermore I did a training speech in front of her and she mentioned the weak points of my speech and told how I could correct them.

Batuhan Patlar, Kabata? Erkek Lisesi

The day when I attended the workshop was wonderful. I was really curious about speakers before I met them. So I researched about them on the internet and found out that each three of them were really proficient in their fields and there were lots I could learn from them. And it was true! I learnt lots..I was happy to learn lots of things from them. They were so knowledgeable people and they taught us how to speak in front of the audience very well. This workshop helped me to improve my self confidence and made me to understand what debate is like. I feel very lucky for having attended this workshop .It was useful and really worth it. I would like to thank to all the speakers and people who organized this wonderful event .

?dil Arat, FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi

Dear ESU,?? First of all I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity for gaining experience in public speaking. I think I will take advantage of this useful information for preparing and making my speeches, and it will be really helpful for us to use your advices at conferences such as MUN. ??Sincerely,

Nadir Aktan, Kabata? Erkek Lisesi

I was glad to participate in your successful workshop "Discover your voice." I would like to thank you for organizing this event, and also thanks to the great native speakers David, John and Kallina. We learned some crucial skills to deliver better speeches, such as using body language, fluent voice etc. Surely we will use this basic and important information in conferences or when speaking in public. I will keep following your activities. Your schedule really got my attention. ??Best regards.

Kerem Portakal, Kabata? Erkek Lisesi