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Message From ESU Turkey:

“Imagination is More Important than Knowledge”

I am so happy that ESU Turkey is moving forward with our fifth year of ESU's International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) in Turkey.

The aim of this website is to offer a learning and sharing platform not only for the competitors of ESU IPSC but also to all parties who have an interest in public speaking at large... It is therefore intended to provide participants, their tutors, competition organisers and adjudicators with information about the competition. It explains the registration process, and the structure of the competition. It's also a resource containing guidelines on speech preparation, speech writing and delivery.

IPSC provides a unique opportunity for young people to develop their confidence and public speaking skills. The project consists of various public speaking workshops for school convenors and for their students. Since our inception we have invited various mentors from UK and reach out to almost 2000 students and participants with our “Discover Your Voice” seminars.

The national final competition of the project will take place again during the first Friday of March 2014 at Hisar Schools Kemerburgaz campus where each participating school will be represented. National winner of this competition will be able to travel to London in May 2014 where they will be competing with the winners from over 50 countries.

We hope that this project will contribute to all participants' communication skills, and also provide them the chance to meet some of the best and brightest people of their generation not only from all leading schools in Turkey, but also from around the world for the national winner. And it will also offer the opportunity of becoming an alumnus of the ESU for life.


Chairman, ESU Turkey